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A.B.S (Accelerated Bat Speed)

This program is designed for the hitter trying to separate himself at the next level. Our A.B.S Program will meet 2 times per week for a length of 4, 8, or 12 weeks.

You will get, Individualized:

  • Mechanical Video Analysis and Corrections to your Swing

  • Grip and Bat Speed Testing

  • Offensive Specific Grip & Core Strength Training

  • Rapsodo Testing and Results including Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance, & Spin Rate

  • Vision & Mental Training

Add On Options:

  • A.B.S Hitters Training Balls Set & Carrying Bag

  • Player Specific Strength & Conditioning Program

For more information, availability or to register, call 941-749-0000.

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