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College Prep Program

Our College Prep Program is designed to prepare players for the college level game.


With our College Prep Program, you will take part in

  • Skill sessions

  • Weight room sessions 

  • Classroom work 

to help elevate your ability. We will utilize technical teaching as well as technology to aid in your everyday development.

In this program, you get

  • 2, one and a half hour sessions per week, to fit your schedule.

  • Each week is broken up into 4 forty five minute sub categories of each players choosing.

You can pick any 4 of the following categories to help build a comprehensive plan of attack for you:

  • Hitting

  • Pitching

  • Defense

  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Vision

  • Mental Training

  • Nutrition

  • College Recruiting


Call 941-749-0000 to register or for more info.

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